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How to Verify a Professional's License in Little Rock?

Several entities, such as the Arkansas Department of Labor and Licensing, handle the licensing and registration of qualified professionals in Little Rock, which issues licenses through its 26 boards and commissions. These include the Arkansas Contractors Licensing Board, the Arkansas Real Estate Commission, and the Board of Electrical Examiners of the State of Arkansas. It is your responsibility as a resident of the city to ensure that you only hire registered professionals, as this is the only way to guarantee the quality of the work and your safety. Verifying the credentials of professionals using the provided search tools on the respective websites of their licensing boards is your only sure way of making sure that their claims of being licensed are valid. For example, you can search for licensed contractors in Little Rock using the Contractors' Licensing Search on the Arkansas Contractors Licensing Board's website.

Immediately you have been able to ascertain the license of a professional, it is important to obtain the permits required for your work before starting the proposed project. Contractors, homeowners, and developers who require permits for their work have to obtain these permits from the Planning and Development Department of Arkansas. You can apply for permits using the available online portal. Note that you may be required to create a user account before utilizing this portal. You can also call the Planning and Development Department via (501) 371-4510 for any additional inquiries that you may have on the permitting process.

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Do Little Rock Neighborhood Councils
Issue Permits?

There are several neighborhoods in Little Rock. These neighborhoods have associations, groups, or councils that advocate on behalf of the residents, encourage a sense of community, and promote safety to enhance the lives of the city's residents. However, while these organizations collaborate with other neighborhood groups and the city council to perform these actions, they do not issue additional permits for home improvement projects or new construction projects.

According to reports, the disproportionate increase in home prices in Little Rock when compared with wage increments have led to an increased leasing of multifamily housing. This, in turn, has led to an increase of rental rates in the city. Also, in September 2021, the Arkansas Historic Preservation Program announced that the old Veterans Administration Hospital in Little Rock had been included in the National Register of Historic Places.

How to File an Unfair Business
Complaint in Little Rock?

The Consumer Protection Division of the Arkansas Attorney General's Office handles issues related to consumer dissatisfaction and business complaints in Little Rock. Complaints can be filed online via the Consumer Complaint page on the Attorney General's website. You can also file a complaint by downloading the complaint form, filling it, and sending it with supporting documents such as canceled checks, contracts, or correspondence, either by email or by mail to:

  • Consumer Protection Division
  • Attorney General's Office
  • 323 Center Street
  • Suite 200
  • Little Rock, AR 72201

The Consumer Protection Division reviews complaints it receives and will help resolve them through mediation with the erring business or individual, with the hope of brokering a favorable result between the parties. However, if a consensus cannot be reached, the Consumer Protection Division may refer the case to another appropriate entity or the complainant may choose to present the matter before the Little Rock District Court. The Little Rock District Court's small claims division only handles civil cases where the amount in dispute is $5,000 or less. If you choose to file a case, it is advised you seek the counsel of a lawyer before doing so. You can file a small claims case at the Little Rock District Court located at:

  • City Courthouse
  • 500 West Markham Street
  • Little Rock, AR 72201
  • Phone: (501) 371-4510